Week 3 learning in year 6

This week we revealed the new school councillors and house captains – they have met their new class or house. We have also introduced a new teaching and learning team the 6 lucky members are: Anya, Molly, Leighton, Tom, George and Charlie. In class we have focused on our novel, Kensuke’s Kingdom. We wrote a responding letter to see if the main character, Michael, could have permission to go on an 18 month holiday and character descriptions.
Lastly, we have been taking part in the 100 word challenge – we are very successful. The 100 word challenge is a website where you write short, snappy stories.

Results: School Councillor and House Captains.

School Councillors:  

EYFS A – Amelia

EYFS B/Y1 – Isabel

Year 1 – Kayla

Year 1/2 Paige

Year 2 – Eliza

Year 3 – Megan

Year 4 – Thomas

Year 5 – Connor.

House Captains: Darwin (red) Emily and AAliyah

Shakespeare (green) Samuel and Jake

Pankhurst (blue) Evie and George

Shackleton (yellow) Charley and Anya.


Well done to everyone, it was a great day and everyone worked hard.


First Week in Year 6.

The children in Y6 have started working on their speeches, persuading pupils to vote for them to be a school councillor or house captain.

We have looked at rhetorical devices (alliteration, rhetorical questions, repetition, rule of three) and tried to incorporate these into our writing.

Our Campaign Day is Friday 15th September.  Children will perform their speeches to the school and hold a campaign stall to encourage as many pupils as possible to vote for them.

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